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Sara Jacobs is a hard-working woman who is always quick to give God the credit for her perfect life. She is one of Seattle’s most sought-after cardiac surgeons, and nothing can beat the high of witnessing God’s grace at work as her patient’s heart starts to beat again. Her husband, Ryan, supports her in all that she does, while their son, Daniel, is the true light of her life. Not one moment of any given days goes by that her heart doesn’t overflow with gratitude for all the blessings she’s been given.

When one careless moment takes her family away from her, she begins to lose her faith as she wonders what kind of a loving God would allow such tragedy? Drowning in grief, her life spirals towards a dark place, and she cannot imagine anything good ever coming out of such pain. Forced to take a sabbatical, she returns home to Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

Determined to run from her past, a chance meeting with Grace Wilkes, a sixteen-year-old girl with Down Syndrome, reminds her that, while she can make her plans, God directs her steps, and that maybe her story isn’t over yet

Our walk with the Lord is a very personal journey for each of us. Our relationship with Him manifests itself in a variety of ways as we move through the days that He has given us. Some of what we face is good – some of it is not – and sometimes it’s just a matter of perspective.

Journeys of Faith: Two Ordinary People, One Extraordinary God is collaboration of stories put together by Lori Domingo and Ed Obaugh, two people who share their love for the Lord but come from very different backgrounds. Ed is a retired deputy and has been a follower of Jesus for all of his life. He always considered his job as a way to share his faith with those around him. Lori spent twenty-two years working with her sister in a small, family-run business and began her journey with Jesus back in December, 2019 and is learning to share her faith through her work as a Christian Fiction author.

Join Ed and Lori as they share stories from their own adventures with God, with each offering a favorite Scripture verse followed by a brief story as they walk you through the meaning that verse has had in their lives. No two stories will be the same, just as none of our stories are, but it’s their hope that by inviting you to get a glimpse of their faith in action as they venture into God’s Word, it will inspire you to do the same!

****Ed and I are looking forward to releasing our devotional in mid-2023.

Short Stories

Seen” (Honorable Mention in the 91st Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition’s Inspirational/Spiritual Category)

An excerpt taken from “Journeys of Faith: Two Ordinary People, One Extraordinary God” inspired by the Scripture verses, Luke 7:44,47, in which I share my interpretation concerning how the Scripture pertains to my own walk of faith.

Footprints” (8th Place in the 90th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition’s Inspirational/Spiritual Category)

Sarah has lived the last year of her life in encompassed by the darkness of her anger and grief, unable to comprehend how the God she’d given her life to could take her only child from her. Her marriage has become no more than a mess of broken pieces. Her life has fallen apart in front of her. All seems hopeless until she discovers a letter from her son he’d written right before his death and tucked away between the pages of his Bible. Can one child’s faith and trust in God restore her own?

“A Walk with Paul” (Honorable Mention in the 89th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition’s Inspirational category.)

Faith’s life was worthless to her. At some point, she’d become the sum of all her mistakes. She blamed God. She blamed herself. She wanted the pain to end. Intent on seeing that happen, she sets off to “hike” on the Appalachian Trail, but a random meeting with a stranger named Paul changes her life.


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