This is My Song

I’ve been spending a lot of time this past couple of years in the Psalms as I’ve been trying to deal with my own personal battles.  There’s been times where I’ve felt like I’m running for my very life, just as David did.  There’s been times when those battles threatened to overtake me, leaving me with nowhere to go but to the Lord, my God.  As I’ve read and re-read those songs, I’ve started to wonder just what my poem would sound like if I were to write a Psalm to God?  Would I tell of my struggles and fears but then turn my circumstances into a song of praise like David did?  Would I feel known to – and heard by – God as I felt Him working in my life? 

What words would I want God to hear from me?

O Lord, You see my battles;  

   my soul is weary and my heart is afraid.

 I look up towards the heavens

     and wonder if You’re really there –

     if You know me – if You hear me when I lift my voice to You.

I look at this crazy world around me and

     am reminded that I am in this world but not of it.

So often, I don’t understand why the things that are happening

     are allowed to go on, tearing innocent lives apart

     while the criminal walks free.

Yet, I know in my heart that I’m not to judge –

     You’ve told us that vengeance is Yours –

You will bring justice for the wrongs.

My eyes don’t see it.  My heart doesn’t feel it.

Even so, can it still be?

You tell us that if Your people will humble themselves before You

     that You will heal their land.

We need You, O Lord;

I need You, my God.

This season has been long – I can’t help but wonder if You’ve forgotten me.

How can I hang onto that hope when I can’t see you?

The world is filled with noise all around me

     that threatens to overcome Your voice –

     but it is the midst of the storm – of the earthquakes that unsettle me –

     that I hear the whisper of Your still small voice

     asking me, “Where are you?”

It is then that my heart stands up inside of me and answers,

     “I am here, Lord.  I am here.”

It is in that place that I hear Your voice;

I feel Your righteous right hand reaching down to pull me up

     from all that threatens to overwhelm me.

You promise me that You never grow weary-

     that You’ll never forsake me –

     that You’re coming back for me – for us.

Until that day, I will wait on You, Lord –

My soul will wait silently – patiently – on You, my one true God.

My weary soul stands strong as I rest my hope in You –

For You are the Rock of my strength

     and Yours is the glory that will carry me home.

Until that day, my soul will wait silently – patiently – on You, my God.

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What would your song sound like? I’d love to hear what you come up with if you’d like to share it.

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One thought on “This is My Song”

  1. What would my song be? How could I possibly say it better than David or you? When I can find the words, they seem insignificant and meaningless. When that happens, God helps me pray in words I do not understand or comprehend but somehow they give me peace. And the words of others who are able to voice what I feel bring great comfort. As yours did today. 🙂

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